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Heating Repair Services

Residential and Commercial Heating Repair Service

When you need to have a furnace & heating repair service, A Five Star Company will not only do the job, but we will also do it right.

When winter is being especially brutally cold, having your heater working and in prime condition is not just about comfort – it’s a necessity! If your heating system isn’t working properly, your home or office will likely be miserable due to the freezing temperatures, and also possibly affect you or your family’s heath!! So when you need a furnace or heating repair service, choose the best – A Five Star Company!

With over 20 years of experience in the greater Sacramento area, our specialized furnace & heating repair technicians have experience with dealing with a wide variety of systems and setups and can handle any job. A Five Star Company does repairs and services for both residential and commercial locations.

Whether you have us service your unit to do maintenance to prevent any possible future issues (by replacing your filter,cleaning your furnace, etc.) or need us to fix a heating issue, rely on A Five Star Company to resolve any of your furnace & heating repair problems.

Have a question about a product or service? Call us! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer all inquiries. Call us today at 916-716-8942 to set up an appointment or get a quote.